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Live At The Loft – EP05 – Fresh Daily Pt. 01

29 May, 2011 has no comments yet!

EP05 – Fresh Daily Pt. 01 from LIVE AT THE LOFT on Vimeo.

“If you’re reading this, then the world has not come to an end. The rapture must have missed us. On May 20th, Rapture Eve, the Live At The Loft crew is poised to party like it’s our last day, regardless. We’re throwing Brooklyn emcee Fresh Daily and renowned DJ Sucio Smash into the ring to spar it out with beats and rhymes from Mr. Daily’s recently released project, The Quiet Life. The neighbors will have to pardon us, as we’ll be anything but quiet tonight…I mean, c’mon, it’s the end of the world right?

Once we’ve reached a comfortable capacity and the Live At The Loft massive is charged by Sucio Smash’s warm-up drill of classic hip-hop selections, Fresh Daily takes the stage to style on us. If you know Fresh Daily like we do, you’ve come to expect a devotion to witty lyricism, playful references, and that Brooklyn bop. The Brooklyn bop is still in tact, but with The Quiet Life we notice a shift in focus. It’s a coming of age tale, where Fresh sees a departure from the party scene he’s become so adept at navigating, and a return to the essence, embracing life’s more simple pleasures. While on the mic, Fresh is as comfortable as in his own living room, directing a responsive crowd to “coo” with ooh’s and ahh’s on demand. This is emcee’ing at its core.

After the celebratory encore, things were back in the corner of Sucio Smash. He wasted no time getting the lolitas lathered up with some big band Latin jazz and salsa records. I’m talking serious salsa dancing taking place on the floor. Invitees hung out a bit longer this time around, eyes and ears fixed on the festivities and moving bodies. Meanwhile, we decided to switch up the usual loungy interview vibe, as we escaped with Fresh outside to have some candid talk under the streetlights. Our convo pivoted from women, to cuisine, and from animation to attire. We even got a couple personal tales of bike rides gone bad and the infamous Brooklyn jux. And that’s that. Nothing more to see here. Daps get exchanged and the yellow cab arrives to transport the last few heads to the trusty PATH station. Only thing left to do now is await our fate tomorrow. This is Live At The Loft…”

Fresh Daily Interview by TONE

30 Nov, 2010 has no comments yet!

FRESH DAILY from TONE on Vimeo.

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