Apt No.7 Surprise for Fresh Daily!

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Surprise Fresh!

In honor of Fresh Daily week, Apt No.7 decided to gather a few stories from people in Fresh’s circle talking about how they met him.

With a guy like Fresh, you know the stories are good!



“First time I met Fresh Daily was in early 2009 at our sister station Urban Latino Radio. The first thing I though was “why is dude wearing a damn man purse?”, but it was really a camera in a case, lol. Nonetheless, we greeted each other and I kept it moving. Then he started free styling on the show (Circa ’95 show). I came back in the room and I was diggin’ his passion for hip hop. Salute to FD.” — A-King from PNC Radio

“So I have been a fan of Fresh’s music for quite some time. I have seen him at a few shows and right off the bat you notice that his personality and style are equally as entertaining as his music. One of those people who is naturally a brand all around without trying.
When we got the opportunity to do a collaborative T-shirt and hat pack to coincide with Fresh’s Mothership/L A N D album I got to see another one of Fresh’s talents. Not only is he nasty on the mic but he’s also nasty on the stove! We had a meeting at Apt No.7 to finalize a few things and I walk in to Fresh cooking up some peppers and eggs. I’m like “ok smells good”, so we get down to the meeting going over all of the plans. 10 minutes go by and I’m like “Dam, this guy is still cooking?”. I turn and he’s frying up some plantains. Another 15 minutes goes by squaring away plans and I turn over and homey is pulling out a tray of home fries from the oven! All in all I think an hour total went by where every so often I would look over and he’s cooking up something new.
So I’m thinking “dam, this dude really takes breakfast seriously for himself”. Low and behold he’s finally done and he rolls up with a plate made for everyone! We’re talking eggs, turkey bacon, avocado slices, plantains, home fries better than any diner ever made.
To wrap it up, Fresh Daily is one talented dude. Sacred Stitch might have to plan some early morning event in the near future and secure Fresh not only to perform but to cater that shit!!” –Todd Read from Sacred Stitch Clothing

“The first time I met Fresh, I came over to Apt No.7 for a meeting. I walked in to the delightful smell of omelette being made, by none other then Mr. Daily himself. Once lunch was over with and the meeting underway, Craig introduced us to an interesting game of “chubby bunny,” in which the goal is to stuff as many marshmallows in your mouth while maintaining the ability to say “chubby bunny.” Kelvin of Goodies Magazine was the challenger for Fresh Daily and at the end of the day Fresh was the victor.

That was definitely one of the more interesting meetings I’ve ever been to, and definitely one of the best.” –Igor Sherman from Goodies Magazine

“I met Fresh…I don’t even remember when I met Fresh. All I know is that he showed up in my life through mutual friends and I’ve been entertained by him ever since. The talented and ever so sweet huggable lovable guy always had a smile and told funny ass jokes so I kept him around. He’s the coolest.” –Tiffany Hardin from Translation

“I’ve had fresh on two of my albums. He’s shined magnificently both times, each time concocting wordplay so crafty and complex that it’s been difficult for him to even memorize his verses to perform live. Between both songs, we’ve performed them about 10 times. I know fresh is a very busy brother, making sensational music pretty much everyday, designing gear, doing all types of whathaveyou, but do you know that this brother has not gotten either of these verses right live on stage even once!? Not even one time! The best part is, he always trails off into a freestyle and the crowd eats it up! This is the only dude who could possibly pull this off time after time. I almost want for him to get a tomato thrown at him one day so that it motivates him to learn the verses already, but no, everytime he steps off stage like a champion and promises me he’ll know it next time.” — Homeboy Sandman

“Having just moved to Jersey City, NJ for the second time in May 2007, I barely knew anyone. My cousin Mel was digging deeper into the photography industry at the time. That summer he was asked to document the BK Hip Hop Festival on the waterfront in Dumbo. Always up for a music thrill, I joined Mel that day.

A few days before the show I ended up catching a free fitted hat from the Level 4 Showroom in the Manhattan. It was an all over design featuring Ernie from Sesame Street. I distinctly remember later that night this dude who sported some interesting frames, approached me and told me my hat was pretty sick and he had peeped it at the concert earlier that day. He asked to take a shot or two for his blog. I asked his name and said “Fresh.” I dubiously repeated his name. He said yeah “Fresh Daily. From Brooklyn.” When asked about what he was in to he told me that he rhymed and did design work. Pounds were exchanged and it’s been peace ever since. Cheers to the progression, my good man.” — Blair Mil, Mel D Cole’s manager

“Fresh Daily is the artist to take a 2 Hungry Bros beat and make it an instant Classic Hit like “Super Spectacular”. It was back in the the good old days of the Nuyorican Beat battle and Fresh would always come thru. One time, they let him rock and he called me on stage. The intro starts with classic piano keys from a spanish record which I sampled from. Fresh and I standing Bboy stlye on stage. Then the beat drops and everyone goes nuts! Time and time again, at any show Fresh rocked, peeps knew that song. So just wanted to say thank you Fresh for making that classic record. That’s something I will never forget.” — Ben Boogz from 2 Hungry Bros.

“Ok so, they day I met fresh daily… It was a dark and stormy night wait no no it was during the…. Wait no no no! It was a beautiful summer day and I was just getting my start as an intern in the Brooklyn Bodega. I had just met Homeboy Sandman a few weeks prior and he kept telling me about this other guy who rapped that kinda resembles Biz Markie and though I might want to give a listen. So of course, I didn’t listen… I just hit him up and asked for a meet. We met in BK the next day and sure enough, the a much fresher version of Biz showed up. We spoke about life, hip hop, world issues, children in africa, and a few other things. We left the meet and I said I would check out some of his music. I never did! A few weeks later, we were rapping up the planning for the hip hop fest and I kept saying we need to get this guyFresh Daily on. Wes, founder/CEO of Brooklyn Bodega,  said he would check him out. The next few days went by, Wes became an instant fan and put him on the bill. Still I hadn’t heard anything. But I thought if he liked it everyone would probably like it. The next week was our big photo shoot for the colab tee we did for the festival. I thought “well, who better than a guy named Fresh Daily to be involved in our shoot?” So I hit him. He came through. The pics and shoot were amazing. The next week was the Hip Hop Festival and finallyyy, I got my listen. I have been a fan ever since! And now, I’m happy to call him my friend and client! Go get ’em F Dot!” — Craig Hackey from Apt No.7

“The first time I met Fresh Daily was at a photo shoot for the 2008 Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival t-shirt, which I had designed as a collaboration between the Festival and Emperial Nation. All models and photographers have arrived… but no sign of Fresh. We decide to start the shoot without him. We take a bunch of group shots, some individuals. At this point, we come to the conclusion that we have enough pictures and decide to wrap it up. Oh! Now look who turns the corner.. Fresh Daily finally makes his fashionably late appearance. lol!

He put a tee on in half a second, and starts posing straight away. Fresh had arrived 5 minutes ago, and we already had 20 pictures… one of which, of course, was one of the best and made it to all the press….! lol! So much for planning thigs out!” — Mel P. from Apt No.7


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